Mother holding the infant on both feet while giving a nurturing touch in the form of a massage.

The writing of Perkumpulan Instruktur Pijat Bayi Indonesia abbreviated as PERPIBIaround the mother and infant symbolizes the Infant Massage Instructor as a facilitator for them in realizing the formation of a strong emotional / bounding association through the nurturing touch of infant massage.


  1. Red symbolizes courage, the power of love between a parent and her infant.
  2. White symbolizes a pure and clean heart, peace, apology, simplicity, light and unity.
  3. Black symbolizes firmness.


  • This organization is called Perkumpulan Instruktur Pijat Bayi Indonesia abbreviated as PERPIBI (The Association of Indonesian Infant Massage Instructors).
  • In international relations, The Indonesian Association of Infant Massage Instructor (IAIMI)


The VISION OF PERPIBI is that every infant gets a nurturing touch from their parents

The MISSION to improve and promote infant massage through a nurturing touch and improve communication skills between parents and babies throughout Indonesia, so that children in Indonesia get complete love from parents, so they can grow and develop in an optimal way, through training, education and research so that children in Indonesia feel loved and valued in communities throughout Indonesia and in the world.

The Objectives of PERPIBI

  1. Increasing the promotion of infant massage by Nurturing touch throughout Indonesia by increasing the Bonding and Attachment between parents and their babies.
  2. Promoting and teaching parents to always give Nurturing Touch by infant massage
  3. Facilitating all CIMI to teach and encourage the CIMI to teach parents to massage their infants in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. Providing continuing education to graduates of Infant Massage Instructors who are in the Indonesian region in the form of seminars and workshops in order to promote and provide support in improving infant massage teaching practices in infant massage classes for Infant Parents as developed by Vimala McClure.
  5. Providing direction and guidance PERPIBI members in conducting scientific research and activities regarding infant massage.
  6. Publishing information through social media about infant massage.
  7. Socializing of PERPIBI programs throughout the Republic of Indonesia.